Policies and Fees

Returned Payment Charges

When a payment is returned to FEPB, a service charge of $25.00 will be applied, and the payment will be reversed from the customer’s account.  If a customer has 3 returned payments within a 12-month period, future payment options will be limited.  Payments returned for a past due bill will result in immediate disconnection. Reconnect charges will apply if service is disconnected due to a returned payment.


Disconnection for Non-Payment

If payment of the utility bill is not received by FEPB on or before the due date of the bill, a disconnect notice will be mailed to the customer.  All services are due for disconnect if payment is not received by the date on the disconnect notice.  FEPB will disconnect service if payment is not made or payment is returned.  Once disconnected, service will not be re-connected until the past due amount is paid, as well as the $60 reconnect charge and/or $25 NSF fee, if applicable.  Failure to receive a disconnect notice will not prevent the service from being disconnected.


Meter Tampering

A $150 minimum tampering charge will apply for each meter tampering event.  In addition, there is a possibility of arrest and/or additional fines for meter tampering.


Disconnect Service

Customers are required to come to FEPB and complete a disconnection form to terminate service.  Please allow one business day to process.


Transfer Service

Customers will need to come to FEPB in order to transfer service.  A copy of the lease is required, along with signatures on the service orders.  All occupants on the lease will need to be present. Please allow one business day to process.


Electric rates fluctuate each month based on TVA’s rate schedule and the applicable TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment. 

New Construction

If you are building a new home or commercial building, please call 270-586-4441 and speak with Chris Law, Operations Superintendent.