FlexPay Service is designed to allow you to view your daily usage, receive notifications and make smaller payments as often as you would like or as your budget allows.

FlexPay is available to Franklin Electric Plant Board (FEPB) customers receiving electric service under residential rate. Non-Residential Demand or Time of Use accounts are not eligible.

FlexPay accounts are not eligible for and will not be considered for credit extensions or payment arrangments.  

FlexPay accounts cannot be levelized. FlexPay accounts cannot be on bank draft, credit card draft or auto pay. FlexPay accounts cannot have a heat pump loan.

Energy Assistance payments will be applied to the FlexPay account once payment is received. Pledges will not be accepted to keep service on.

New customers wishing to set up a FlexPay account must complete the standard process for application for service including a $20.00 connections fee, $50.00 reserve/deposit, $30.00 minimum payment on their FlexPay account. There is a $10 monthly fee to participate in FlexPay.

Existing customers wishing to convert to FlexPay, will have existing deposits (if applicable) applied toward any outstanding balance with the remaining credit (if applicable) applied to the FlexPay account. Unbilled usage can be set up on a debt recovery plan, which will be handled through the customer’s FlexPay account. A $50.00 reserve will be required.

FlexPay accounts do not receive paper statements (bills). Daily FlexPay account history (usage, charges and payments) will be available via the internet at www.myusage.com. You are solely responsible for checking your account balance online. If your contact information is not current, you will not receive notifications and service be disconnected without further notice. Also, failure to receive alerts via email or texts, as a result of technical problems of FEPB, the customer and/or the telephone or Internet service provider, does not negate disconnection of service.

Payments in a minimum amount of $25 may be made in the FEPB office during business hours. Payments may also be made by e-check, credit or debit card by logging into your FlexPay account at www.myusage.com or Myusage mobile app. You can also pay over the phone by calling 1-866-996-7915. A $2.95 charge does apply for IVR, mobile app and website payments. CVS and Casey’s General Store accepts cash payments locally with barcode from Myusage app and a $1.49 charge does apply.

An account is subject to disconnection any time it does not have a credit balance, including inclement weather conditions.

At any time, you may elect to convert your account back to a regular post-paid service. However, at the time FEPB will require full payment of a deposit and any unpaid amount in the debt recovery as a condition of continued service.

If an account is disconnected and does not become active again after 7 days, the account will be considered inactive and will be terminated. Service terminated by those circumstances, or at the request of the customer, will receive a final bill and/or refund check at the last known address on file.